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Beef Tartars

Southern style

Crunchy corn, tomatillo and ancho pepper emulsion, grilled jalapeño and fresh herbs.


Clamato reduction, vodka, house steak spices, lemon zest, lardons, fried clams and fresh herbs.

16 small/ 23 large

Salmon Tartars

Strawberry and Wasabi

Strawberry, knobs of wasabi, minced basil and Greek yogurt

Green Spirit

Ungava gin cucumber coulis, grapefruit segments, crunchy fennel, dill and crème fraîche.

17 small/ 25 large

Tuna Tartars


Sesame emulsion, Asian pear, roasted sesame sticks, chipotle and fresh herbs.


Julienne and Granny Smith coulis, avocado, wakame, roasted sesame seeds, mirin, lemon butter, almonds and fresh herbs.

18 small/ 26 large