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Smoked Salmon

Warm smoked salmon block, Philly cheese sauce, crunchy toppings and young leaves.


Calmar Club

Thickly sliced squid marinated in a sparkling wine sauce, grilled and served club sandwich-style.


Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork shoulder smoked 15 hours over hickory sauce served on bar buns with homemade BBQ sauce.

11 for 2

Los taquitos

Flavor of the moment

10,50 for 2/ 14 for 3

Imperialos Nachos

Topped with our cheese sauce, house stout chili, pickled vegetables, pulled pork and pico de Gallo salsa.


Chili con carne

A slow-cooked stout chili served with pulled pork, homemade BBQ sauce and nachos.

10,50 small/ 23,50 large

Tataki Boulevard

Slices of NYC spice-crusted, oakwood-seared beed sirloin tossed Osaka-style, served with marinated baby vegetables and Fast Mustard sauce.


Salmon wrap

Lettuce taco, 51-degree smoked salmon, buttermilk dressing, Buffalo Philly cheese and crunchy vegetables.


Carbonara Punching Bag

Doritos served in a gutted bag, fried chicken, melted cheese, carbonara-style sauce, diced bacon and micro greens.


Smoke Log

Pick 3 items: Wings, spare ribs, pulled pork and smoked salmon, served with coleslaw or marinated vegetables.

30/2 ppl

Smoke Log

Wings, spare ribs, pulled pork, chicken and smoked salmon, served with coleslaw and marinated vegetables.

55/4 ppl

Infamous Jack Saloon Wings

BBQ Sauce and Caramel stout.

9 $ for 3/ 17 $ for 6

Cauliflower wings

Beer battered cauliflowers, homemade buffalo sauce, pickled vegetables and blue cheese crumbs.

9 $ for 3/ 17$ for 6